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Better Sleep, Happier Life: Simple Natural Methods to Refresh Your Mind, Body and Spirit by Dr. Venkata Buddharaju MD has been launched and is available worldwide. Dr. Buddharaju, also known by his patients as “Dr. Buddha,” wrote the aforementioned book long before COVID-19 had reared its ugly head. The concise 142-page book shares life-changing methods and concepts to help readers sleep better and live a happier life. 

Venkata Buddharaju MD, a doctor on the front lines of COVID-19, promotes in his new book and sleep blog better sleep to relieve stress and boost natural immunity and live an overall happier life

Thursday, May 7th 2020, 4:11 PM CDT

During this COVID-19 pandemic, getting better sleep is even more crucial to one’s health and wellbeing. In fact, a decade of scientific research has shown that sleep plays a vital role in immune defense. As confirmed by Dr. Buddha, “Sleep duration and regular sleep – wake cycles – are essential to mount adequate immune response to infections … Although we don’t have much information specific to Covid-19 type of corona virus, we assume that sleep will help combat this infection too.” 

Dr. Buddha’s book reveals the methods one can use to improve sleep and, in so doing, boost immunity. He also runs a very informative sleep blog that includes practical tips for better sleep. For example, he recommends going to bed at the same time every day. This syncs with a person’s internal clock. Also, he says, limit daytime naps to thirty minutes. Avoid caffeine and other stimulants in the evening. Eat small meals at least one to two hours prior to bedtime. Dr. Buddha also suggests 30 minutes of aerobic exercise in the morning. This will also help to relieve stress and improve deep sleep. 

Murali Ankem, MD, MBA, Associate Dean School of Medicine at University of Louisville praised the book: “Dr. Buddharaju dissects the most complex sleep science into simple practical strategies that can be put to use by anyone!”

The book’s Amazon reviews have also been overwhelmingly positive. One reviewer’s 5-star review hailed the book as “life-changing” and raved that it’s “very helpful specially during this difficult time of COVID-19 pandemic with associated stress in every home and how this can affect our sleep…”

Another Amazon review calls the book “a must read” and states that “Dr. Buddharaju has offered me natural ways of calming my mind. His book has provided me the tools to develop a routine of relaxation, enforced the importance of eating a healthy diet and yes even introducing exercise as ways of getting a better night sleep. By following his examples I have experienced a more longer restful sleep. Not only have I noticed a difference in my daily activities, so has my family.” 

Better Sleep, Happier Life: Simple Natural Methods to Refresh Your Mind, Body and Spirit can be purchased at Amazon, and other fine retailers worldwide. The book is available in three formats: paperback ($17.99), hardcover ($26.99) and ebook ($9.99). Dr. Buddharaju is available for interviews. Please contact to inquire. 

About the author:

Dr. Venkata Buddharaju (or Dr. Buddha, as his patients call him) is a fellowship-trained physician from the Albany Medical Center in Albany, New York. He now teaches and consults at hospital intensive care units and pulmonary units as well as sleep medical practices. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and teaches medical students from UIC, Chicago Medical School and Internal Medicine resident trainees at Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago. He directs the Sleep Disorders Center and Clinic at Thorek Memorial Hospital in Chicago and serves as a Section Chief of Pulmonary & Critical Care at AMITA Health Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center Chicago where he teaches Internal Medicine and Family Practice Residents while working in ICU as an Intensivist. Additionally, he is president of the medical staff at Kindred Chicago Lakeshore and Central hospitals.

For more information, visit his official website at

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